ADEPT – Designing Blended Learning Module - Pilot

You are invited to participate in the pilot of the new ADEPT Designing Blended Learning module.

Designing courses in a blended mode enables the student-centred delivery of transformative learning experiences. In this module you will engage with the principles underpinning the design and delivery of blended learning experiences and critically reflect on their application in practice. 

The ADEPT Designing Blended Learning module is designed for those with course coordinator or course design responsibilities and forms part of the Emerging Leaders Pathway. 

The module is informed by evidence-based approaches to learning design including the Alliance Quality Framework developed as part of the University of Adelaide’s online programs partnership with Pearson. 

The module will run in MyUni from 8 until 26 November 2021, concluding with a synchronous session on Friday 26 November. The time commitment is approximately 6.5 hours over a 3 week period with an additional 30 minutes for a final completion task. There are tasks designed to demonstrate your learning which will need to be completed if you wish to receive a certificate for your professional development records.

Facilitators: Melanie Brown (DASE), Paul Moss (LEI), Dr Cheryl Pope (School of Computer Science) and Associate Professor Peter Strelan (School of Psychology)

Registrations close: Wednesday 3 November 5pm