ADEPT - Reflective Writing Workshop

This workshop is designed to support academic staff who are planning to extend their scholarly approach to learning and teaching.

Through participating in this session, you will develop the reflective approach needed for applications to teaching awards, HEA Fellowship applications or promotion to levels C/D (Specifically Education Specialists and those with high teaching weightings).

This workshop builds on concepts and skills developed in Reflective Practices in the Developing Educators Pathway.

We are interested in knowing your preferred delivery mode. Please indicate whether you wish to participate on-campus or via Zoom when you register (Only select one option). We will then advise you of how you can join the session.

Registrations close: Monday 29 November 4pm


Please note: This session is different to the Reflective Practice Workshop, which is scheduled prior to this session, on Wednesday 1 December.  Staff are encouraged/ welcome to attend both workshops, in particular if they are intending on applying for HEH fellowship in the near future.