Rooms allocated for lecture streaming 2022

To assist lecturers who need to use lecture streaming or recording, a number of locations have been allocated for this purpose and have been equipped with the requisite AV in preparation for Semester 1 teaching.

Please be advised that all recording rooms formerly in Ingkarni Wardli (5th floor) are now returned to office use and therefore no longer available as lecture recording spaces.

New alternative recording rooms are now available in Horace Lamb 2007 and Horace Lamb 2010, and will have the same facilities as the former rooms.  All staff have been given card access to the corridor entry and recording rooms. 

In addition there are existing spaces in AHMS and some existing specialist recording studios on NT & Waite campus.
Only timetabling staff and central team will have access to book the calendar rooms on behalf of academic staff.

    Curriculum resources

    The rooms booked via calendar are as follows:

    1. Horace Lamb 2007
    2. Horace Lamb 2010
    3. Charles Hawker 202 (Waite staff use only)

    The AV for the preceding rooms will include:

    • HP ProDesk 400 Core i7 Computer, Keyboard, Mouse,
    • Dual Monitors,
    • Document Camera,
    • Web Camera and Microphone, Cables
    • Echo Universal Capture (applies to new calendar rooms only)

    The AHMS building contains 4 existing suites which are equipped for recording:

    1. AHMS Level 4 eLearning Room 1 (FHMS staff use only)
    2. AHMS Level 4 eLearning Room 2 (FHMS staff use only)
    3. AHMS Level 4 eLearning Room 3 (FHMS staff use only)
    4. AHMS Level 4 eLearning Room 4 (FHMS staff use only)

    The AV for the AHMS rooms includes:

    • Computer, Keyboard, Mouse,
    • Monitor
    • Camera & Microphone
    • Zoom recording and streaming, requires editing & upload to Canvas/Echo.

    In addition there are 3 existing specialist recording suites, also booked via calendar - shown below as named in room list:

    BarrSmithLibraryRecordingStudio (room 212, enter via Library)

    • Fully Automated Self-Serve Studio
    • Soundproof
    • 4K Camera
    • pad teleprompter
    • Green/White/Black background options
    • Light Board - 2 x Radio Microphones
    •  Installed PC and Laptop HDMI input
    • High quality “Live Key”
    • Live stream record output
    • Multi-cam production ready
    • Room booking tablet - Swipe access
    • Support staff onsite and AV support phone

    *NOTE* please refer here for instructions on booking this facility

    Napier 112 – Video Recording Room

    • Soundproof Room (originally an audio booth)
    • Fully Automated
    • HD camera
    • Installed PC and Laptop inputs
    • Wacom Tablet
    • Green/White/Black background options
    • Swipe access

    Engineering Maths AV 2.06

    • Fully Automated
    • High Quality Light Board 
    • HD camera
    • 2 x Radio Microphones
    • Ipad teleprompter 
    • Installed PC and Laptop inputs
    • Wacom Tablet 
    • Green/White/Black background options 
    • Swipe access 
    • Not soundproof. No recommended for use during large outdoor activities on Maths Lawns
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