Setting Academic Integrity expectations in your course

Looking for targeted, interactive resources to help set expectations around assessments and integrity? We have a range of videos, explainers and activities available for download, along with tips and suggestions to incorporate academic integrity learning into your course.

Download Academic Integrity Resources

Help students understand the importance of academic integrity to their studies by:

Introducing integrity

  1. Make sure students know that the Academic Integrity Policy covers all work they submit. Show them the Academic Honesty Statement in MyUni.
  2. Introduce students to the Assignment Help tab on MyUni. Explain some of the support options available to help students build the skills they will need to work with integrity.
  3. Use our introductory powerpoint as a conversation starter to explain some of the positive impacts of academic integrity in your discipline. For example, you could introduce academic integrity by asking students what the academic integrity values (honesty, responsibility, trust, fairness, respect, courage) mean in your discipline. What does integrity mean to a biologist? How does it guide the way they work? What might a breach of integrity mean, both at university, and in the world of work?
  4. Play the “Is This OK?” game in class to allow students to discuss different scenarios and check their understanding of integrity and best practice. Encourage students to check their understanding of academic integrity and your expectations.
  5. Embed our activities on key skills such as paraphrasing and referencing to help students prep for assignment success.

For example Dr Adrian Koerber, Course Coordinator in Maths, recorded a video about academic integrity and shared it as a MyUni announcement in the first few weeks of semester. This allowed Adrian to introduce the academic integrity expectations for the course, refer to particular assessments and remind students to complete the Academic Integrity Module.

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    Academic Integrity Module

    Every commencing student (including Degree Transfer, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework) must complete an introductory Academic Integrity module, which will be made available in selected MyUni courses this semester. The module takes around 30 minutes, and students must score 100% on the short quiz to complete the module. The deadline to complete the module is Friday of Week 4.

    Course coordinators are encouraged to make time to discuss the module and to scaffold it where possible with additional resources and discussion which are specific to the course. You can find out more about the module and view the content here.

    If you are teaching students at a higher level, you may wish to direct them to our other voluntary self-enrolment modules to help them to upskill on academic integrity concepts.

    Reach out

    1. Work with the Academic Integrity student Ambassadors in your faculty to engage their support for activities in your discipline. Contact us to learn more.
    2. Contact us to let us know about resources you’d like to see in future
    3. Share best practice. If you have some tried and tested activities or approaches to teaching academic integrity in your course, we would love to hear from you and share you expertise with our network.
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