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New TEQSA resources for AI

Course outlines

TEQSA is continuing to work with the sector to strengthen cultures of academic integrity within higher education and to reduce the integrity risk posed by commercial academic cheating services.

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Setting Academic Integrity expectations in your course

Writing Centre Learning Advisors training

Looking for targeted, interactive resources to help set expectations around assessments and integrity? We have a range of videos, explainers and activities available for download, along with tips and suggestions to incorporate academic integrity learning into your course.

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Spotlight on Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity - Landscape

In 2020, the transition to online learning and assessment brought academic integrity into even sharper focus, and presented a number of challenges to preventing and detecting academic misconduct.

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Academic Integrity Teaching Resources and Training

Academic Integrity Training

The University takes an ‘educative’ approach to academic integrity. We believe that students respond best to information about academic integrity when it is embedded into the curriculum, and taught in ways which are immediately relevant to course content and assessments.

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Academic Integrity promoted during O'Week

O Week AI promotion

Developing an understanding of AI values and student obligations in regards to AI will be vital for the nearly 7,400 students commencing their studies with us this year.  A number of activities and resources have been developed to educate and support our students on AI.

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