Academic integrity refreshed staff support

From Monday 28 March, Academic Integrity processes will be refreshed with a new set of resources to assist you and your students.

How can I report suspected academic misconduct?

From March 28 Course Coordinators will be able to use a new webform which will be available on our website. The form will be automatically sent to the correct Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) in your area via our new case management system. You will be able to track the progress of your report on a dashboard.

Academic Integrity - Landscape

Who can I contact for support?

Professional staff support for academic integrity will be centralised in a new Academic Integrity Team sitting under Education Quality.

Tavik Morgenstern, Laura Hall, and Sarah Oakey join this team as Academic Integrity Investigations Officers.  They will be supported by Sharon Nitschke as the Academic Integrity Administration Officer.

Together this team will provide support for academic integrity investigations and activities.

A new Academic Integrity Skills Officer, Claudia Gottwald, joins the Student Academic Skills team to support academic integrity education, student engagement and resources.

The Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) roles remain unchanged, and they will continue to investigate cases as usual.  Find out who your relevant AIO is.


I have an active academic Integrity case.  How will this be handled?

Any academic integrity investigations which are in progress on 28 March will continue to be handled by the same AIO, with administrative support transferred to the central team.

There are no changes to the Academic Integrity Policy or the investigation process. For more information on the Policy and investigations, visit our website.

If you have any questions about the changes to academic integrity, please contact Dr Amy Milka, Academic Integrity Coordinator at

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