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How to reason with ChatGPT4

Chat GPT

ChatGPT4 is the latest version of the ChatGPT application from OpenAI. It is not only considerably larger than the previous 3.5 model but also seems to be displaying subtle traits of “general” intelligence.  AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence, which is the ability of a computer or agent to intellectually understand and carry out tasks like a human.  A recent paper from March 2023 authored by researchers at Microsoft titled ‘Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence’1 had access to a non-aligned (unrestricted)version of ChatGPT4 to play with, and they discovered a number of emerging behaviours that indicate that the model may be showing the first signs of AGI.

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This is how I teach

Hayley McGrice

This month we spoke to Dr Hayley McGrice, Assoc. Dean Learning Quality (SET) and Senior Lecturer with the School of Animal and Veterinary Science. Hayley also serves as the ADEPT Program Academic Lead and will be joining the AEA Executive Committee in May. Here Hayley speaks about the value of peer collaboration in student learning and her desire to inspire and support her colleagues.

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