Super courses the first of their kind

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Two new self-managed superannuation fund courses offered by the University of Adelaide have been awarded the highest ranking in Australia.

The courses, taught by the International Centre for Financial Services (ICFC), have been officially accredited with an 83% quality rating by the Self Managed Superannuation Fund Professionals Association of Australia (SPAA).

They are the first university-level courses of their kind in Australia and reflect the huge growth in self-managed superannuation funds, according to ICFS Director Clive Perring.

The Certificate in Self Managed Super Funds (non-award course) and the Professional Certificate in Self Managed Super Funds (award course) will be run over four days, starting in October.

"At the moment there is $905 billion worth of superannuation in Australia," Mr Perrin said. "Each year, about $60 billion is put into superannuation, most of that from the Federal Government's compulsory 9% levy. At the same time, there is $75 billion worth of growth. That money only has to make 10% a year and you have another $90 billion."

Currently, $192 billion is invested in self-managed superannuation funds across Australia, with 2000 new funds being opened every month.

With 350 accredited self-managed super fund advisers working in a field experiencing a 22% growth rate, the demand for experience and specialised advice is growing, Mr Perring said.

"People who have these funds tend to be wealthier and we're talking about massive amounts of money. Australia needs specialised people to help oversee these funds and we're filling that gap."

The ICFS was formed last year and will be officially launched at the National Wine Centre on October 6 by Professor Fred McDougall, the University's Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic).

"The Centre provides a link between the academic world and industry," Mr Perring said. "Its role is to provide short courses and undertake research and consulting work in the financial services sector and wealth management area."

Both award and non-award courses are offered, along with training programs aimed at professionals working in the industry.

The Certificate in Self Managed Super Funds is designed for professionals not working in the university system. The Professional Certificate is available for people studying at post-graduate or masters level within a university.


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