New scholarships for drought area students

Monday, 15 September 2008

The University of Adelaide is offering $250,000 in new scholarships to assist students in country areas whose families have been impacted financially by drought.

The new Drought Affected Area School Scholarships, worth $5000 each, are being offered to secondary schools in regional areas of South Australia for students who will begin study at the University of Adelaide in 2009.

"Our new Drought Scholarships recognise the hardship being felt by country families because of something beyond their control - the drought," says the University's Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor James McWha.

"Unfortunately, many country families are disadvantaged because they are asset rich but cash poor, which makes it harder for them to support their children living away from home to gain an education.

"These Drought Scholarships will provide $5000 for educational costs, helping to ease the financial burden and providing educational opportunities for country students who need the extra assistance."

Professor McWha says the new scholarships are being offered in 2009 in addition to the Principals' Scholarships, which started two years ago.

Like the Principals' Scholarships, students who receive one of the Drought Scholarships will be nominated by the principal of their school.

"The University is writing to schools this week to invite principals to nominate a student for the Drought Scholarship," Professor McWha says.

"Principals in country areas are in a unique position to be able to understand the pressures and difficulties facing students and their families. Thanks to these new scholarships, they are also in a unique position to help do something about it by nominating a student from their school."

Unlike the Principals' Scholarships, which recognise students who have demonstrated academic merit and community service, the new Drought Scholarships for 2009 recognise students' and families' financial need.

"The University of Adelaide is serious about growing educational opportunities for students in South Australia. We feel very strongly about providing these opportunities to students who are experiencing some form of disadvantage, and hopefully these new scholarships will make a real impact on students' lives," Professor McWha says.

More information about the new Drought Affected Area School Scholarships for 2009 can be found at the University of Adelaide's scholarships website:


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