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Professor Graeme Hugo

Professor Graeme Hugo
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Friday, 18 May 2012

A new research centre focused on developing a sustainable population and workforce strategy for Australia and the Asia Pacific will be launched at the University of Adelaide next Monday 21 May.

The world-class centre, headed by one of the country's leading demographers, Professor Graeme Hugo, will also look at international patterns of migration and the challenges posed by an ageing society.

The Australian Population and Migration Research Centre will work collaboratively with a number of leading universities in the Asia Pacific region, as well as the United Kingdom and United States.

"Australia and the Asia Pacific are at a critical crossroads in this area, so the timing could not be better," Professor Hugo says.

"We aim to produce a balance of really high quality research as well as undertake contract work for large scale international organisations such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank."

Professor Hugo is well known on the international front for his research into demographic trends and sits on a number of Federal and State Government committees relating to population, ageing and immigration.

"South Australia has taken the lead nationally in population policy and the people involved in this new centre have had considerable input into that policy," Professor Hugo says.

"A major focus of the centre involves researching the impact of ageing on the workforce and also the role that modern communications technology can play in assisting the elderly in rural and metropolitan areas.

"We are also investigating how to address obesity among baby boomers as that also has an effect on workplace productivity."

Patterns of migration both within and outside of Australia will be researched, including the changing dynamics of populations in coastal communities.

WHAT: Launch of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre by the Hon. Stephanie Key, Member for Ashford
WHEN: 10am-11.30am Monday 21 May 2012
WHERE: Vice-Chancellor's Conference Room, Level 7, Ingkarni Wardli building, North Terrace Campus, University of Adelaide


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