Adelaide wins contract from $231 billlion fund

Wednesday, 1 February 2006

The University of Adelaide has been awarded a major contract by one of the world's biggest pension funds to design a new stock market trading system.

The European-based pension fund, which holds more than A$230 billion in funds, has engaged the University of Adelaide's International Centre for Financial Services (ICFS) to design the system.

ICFS, which is part of the University's Faculty of the Professions, will join forces with Adelaide-based firm SolveIT Software to design the system using adaptive Evolutionary Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic.

SolveIT Software was co-founded by the internationally regarded evolutionary computation expert and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, Professor Zbigniew Michalewicz.

"The partnership between ICFS at the University of Adelaide and SolveIT Software will result in a unique solution to a very complex markets trading situation," says ICFS Director, Mr Clive Perring. "The ABP contract is a major win for the University of Adelaide and shows that ICFS is recognised as a centre of research centre of excellence in the high-growth area of international financial services."

Professor Ralf Zurbruegg from the ICFS says the trading system will incorporate financial decision parameters that will cover a larger breadth of information than is normally used within trading signal systems.

"Both technical and fundamental trading strategies will be synergistically built into a dynamic signal system to optimise portfolio construction choices," Professor Zurbruegg says. "Having received interest from the funds management industry, an adaptation of the trading routine will also be developed into a stock pick platform as part of the services offered by ICFS by the end of the year."

Combined with the latest financial theory, the system will utilise some of the newest computing technology. SolveIT Software chief Technology Officer Mr Martin Schmidt says the research will focus on using Evolutionary Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic together to develop the best signal trading system.

"This project intends to build a Fuzzy Logic rule base that is constructed with the help of Evolutionary Algorithms," Mr Schmidt says. This will speed up response times so that signals are determined in real-time. We are designing an adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm model that allows adaptation to changing market conditions, rather than a static system."


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