Travel and Entertainment Policy and Procedures


The purpose of this policy is to: guide and support staff and others to manage travel arrangements and expenses relating to travel and entertainment on behalf of the University; clearly define the accountabilities associated with managing travel and entertainment on behalf of the University; foster a travel environment that aspires to the highest standards of safety and security for travellers, ensuring the University's duty of care is maintained; and travel and entertainment expenditure is only made when essential for business purposes, and complies with the University's objective of obtaining value for money.


This Policy should be read in conjunction with the Fraud and Corruption Control Policy:

RMO File No. 2014/8259
Policy custodian Chief Operating Officer
Responsible policy officer Chief Financial Officer
Approved by Policy Custodian on 1 April 2020
Related Policies Financial Management Policy and Procedures:

Fraud and Corruption Control Policy:

Superceded Policies Travel and Entertainment Policy
Effective from 1 April 2020
Review Date 6 November 2021
Contact for queries about the policy Corporate Credit Card and Travel Service, ext. 33330 or email

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