Adelaide Policy Framework


The University of Adelaide governs the organisation through Government legislation, University statutes, policies and guidelines. The University of Adelaide's Policy Framework is the operational structure for the developing, implementing, reviewing and maintaining the University's policies and procedures in a consistent format. The elements of the Adelaide Policy Framework are as follows: Policy Framework Structure; Policy Directory; Policy Development, Review and Revision; Roles and Responsibilities; and Assistance.

Title Version Date uploaded
Adelaide Policy Framework D2018/114304 20 Dec 2018
Stage One Proposal D2016/32255 16 Aug 2018
Policy Template D2016/125883 21 May 2018
Checklist D2016/37220 17 Aug 2017
Communication and Implementation Plan D2017/15077 20 Dec 2018
Policy Pathways D2018/178348 31 Aug 2018

RMO File No. 2012/13910
Responsible policy officer Council Secretary
Approved by University Council on 28 May 2018
Effective from 28 May 2018
Review Date 27 May 2021
Contact for queries about the policy Contact the Council Secretariat

Printed copies of these documents may not be up to date. Please refer to the University Policy and Procedures website for the latest version.