Hub Central Refresh

The most visited space at the University of Adelaide has been revamped thirteen years after it was opened.

Hub level 3 project room close up of mural

Student engagement in 2022 identified the types of spaces with the Hub that were most in need of updating and what new spaces would be useful in the future. Where possible, existing furniture has been cleaned or upholstered and reconfigured, with new zones created to promote collaboration and socialisation.  

Project overview

  • Location: Levels 3 and 4, Hub Central and the Eastern courtyard
  • Cost: $2.2m
  • Architect: JPE Design
  • Construction partner: Sarah Construction


Level 3

  • New furniture, carpet, and upholstery throughout.
  • Upgrade of all lighting to energy efficient LED fittings.
  • Refurbishment of seven existing project rooms with new paint, flooring, artwork, whiteboards, and acoustic paneling
  • Creation of four additional project rooms with new technology.
  • Relocation of the Writing Centre to a dedicated zone on the west side of level 3. 
  • 15m glass writing wall with icosidodecahedron graphic for the Maths Learning Centre.

Level 4

  • Creation of a configurable “social zone”, suitable for a variety of events.
  • Planter boxes and mesh green screens.
  • New furniture and pop-up charging points.

Eastern courtyard

  • New high and low tables, and stackable chairs.
  • Updated LED lighting.
  • Reactivated BBQ.
  • Large umbrellas and existing tables power-cleaned and refreshed.  

Completed: February 2024