Elder Hall Seating

Replacing deteriorating seating and updating access to meet current statutory codes.

Elder Hall interior before refurbishment

Refurbishing the iconic Elder Hall to replace seating and carpets

Project details

New facilities will include:

  • Replace deteriorating seating in Main Hall and Gallery. which dates from the 1978 refurbishment.
  • Seating frames and mechanisms are no longer serviceable and cannot be replaced.
  • Replace carpet in the Main Hall
  • Resurface Main Hall floors
  • Updated access and disability seating to current codes of statutory compliance

The project is expected to be constructed between January and April 2023

This refurbishment is partially funded by the Elder Take a Seat campaign, which allows benefactors to dedicate a seat plaque in the refurbished Elder Hall. 


Rob Newcombe, Project Manager: rob.newcombe@adelaide.edu.au