Contractor First Steps

​​​​​​All workers are required to complete the UoA Contractor Induction prior to the commencement of work.

The web-based system, MyRapid Portal, delivers an online induction course that specifies safety information and procedures relevant to all UoA properties and campuses.

Follow the steps below to complete:

  1. Company registration, then
  2. Worker inductions 
  • Step 1 - Company registration with UoA

    To register the company the following details are required to be emailed to

    • Company Legal Name
    • Company contact person
    • Contacts persons’ email address
    • Contact person’ telephone number
    • Name of University Representative engaging your services
  • Step 2 - Register a Company Administrator

    An invitation to register will be sent to the supplier/contractor nominated representative (Company Administrator) in the first instance.

    A Company Administrator is the person who the contractor nominates as the main contact for any questions relating to the online contractor induction process.

    If the registration email is not received, please contact the Rapid Induct Client Services Team on 1800 307 595 or + 61 8 405 1100 (for international callers) or email support@rapidglobal.

    The contractor ‘Company Administrator’ will be required to register the company into the online induction system (MyRapid Portal) and issue passwords to their personnel to complete the induction.

  • Step 3 - Verify account

    Upon completing the registration process, the Company Administrator will receive an email with a link to verify your ‘MyRapid Portal’ account email.

    After successful registration and activation of your account, visit and select 'Administrator' to manage inductees and update any company details.

    Enter your Email address and Password to log in.

    (If you already have a MyRapid Portal account, log in with the above link, select ‘Rapid Contractor’ and then ‘The University of Adelaide’.)

  • Step 4 - Issue passwords to employees

    Once the Company registration process is complete the Company Administrator can issue an induction link and password to each worker who will be required to work at the University sites through the online MyRapid Portal.


    For help see the Contractor Online Induction - User Guide

  • Step 5 - Employees complete online induction

    Once an inductee receives their induction email and password they need to complete online induction process using the link provided in the email or go to


    For help see the Contractor Online Induction - User Guide

    • Step 6 - UoA identification card issued

      On successfully completing the induction course the worker will be issued a UoA identification card.

      • All workers must carry their valid induction card with them while working on UoA sites.
      • Inductions are valid for a 12 month period, after which time re-induction is mandatory.
      • A reminder email will be automatically generated 30 days prior to expiry.

    Site Requirements

    Prior to commencing work at the UoA, the contactor will be provided with the contact details for their University Representative.

    The University Representative will be the person to whom the contractor:

    • Submits all required documentation;
    • Directs any enquiries; and
    • Reports any Work Health and Safety concerns.

    The University Representative will conduct a walkthrough of the work area and will inform the contractor of any special requirements to be complied with for that area (e.g. quarantine, biological and environmental hazards to that area and stakeholder requirements).

    Please read the Contractor Guide on the website for a detailed overview of Site Requirements:

    Contractor Queries

    To assist contractors to meet these requirements, the following contact points are available:

    Technical Support Queries

    All technical queries should be referred to the Rapid Induct Client Services Team.

    • Call 1800 307 595, 8.30am – 6pm, Mon – Fri (AEST)
    • For callers outside of Australia phone: + 61 8 8405 1100
    • email

    Examples of these types of queries may include:

    • how to use the Contractor Induction System
    • password queries
    • computer settings
    • issuing passwords, etc.
    Other Queries

    Other queries should be referred to the:

    Examples of these types of queries may include:

    • course content queries
    • registering as a new company
    • general emergency
    • Workplace Health & Safety procedures.