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Connecting undergraduate research and career readiness

The Australian Council on Undergraduate Research (ACUR), of which the University is a member, works to promote and support undergraduate research. Their standout event is the Australian Conference of Undergraduate Research at which University of Adelaide students have successfully presented their research projects.

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Meet the 2023 Student Academic Skills Team

Laura Robinson

The SAS team help students engage productively with their coursework, and help them to realise and develop learning skills to succeed at University. They can also assist staff in many area.

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This is how I teach

Adam Montagu 2023

This month we spoke to Associate Professor Adam Montagu, Director, Adelaide Health Simulation. Adam was one of four staff to receive a 2022 Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence as part of last year’s Celebration of Learning and Teaching. He was also recognised at this event through the presentation of the Vice-Chancellors award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching for Outstanding and sustained demonstration of leadership in the enhancement of learning in Health and Medical Sciences. Here, Adam speaks to us about how he facilitates a safe learning environment for his students, and the learning theories which support and influence his teaching philosophy.

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Teachers beating AI


The challenges posed by developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated text have been getting a lot of attention recently. Assessment design can help to secure assessments by making them more difficult to outsource, either to a contract cheating provider or to AI. Associate Professor Georgina Drew (Social Sciences) explains how her assessment design engages students and encourages them to do their own thinking and learning.

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Award winning partnership

Pearson Australia and University of Adelaide received the ‘Diamond Award’ for Best Learning & Talent Development Suite for LearnX, at the end of 2022.

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This is how I teach

James Botten

This month we spoke to Dr James Botten from the School of Biological Sciences about how he encourages and maintains student engagement.  With over 20 years teaching experience at the University of Adelaide, James also discusses the ways he still finds daily inspiration in his teaching.

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PASS at Roseworthy

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) are weekly 50 minute study sessions, facilitated by a successful senior student, in which students can revisit core topics, practically apply knowledge and support each other through the transition to tertiary studies. Developing a sense of community and connection is one of the core goals of the program, especially within cohorts who may be feeling isolated or removed from the wider University community.  

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Are you teaching a large undergraduate cohort in Semester 1, 2023? Cadmus can help!

Course outlines

Cadmus can help!

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This is how I teach

Stuart Johnson

This month we spoke to Dr Stuart Johnson, Lecturer with the School of Mathematical Sciences and recent recipient of a Tony McMurtrie Practitioner Award for Academic Integrity (Special Commendation), for his work on reducing contract cheating in mathematical assessments. Stuart, an Affiliate member of the Adelaide Education Academy, speaks about the importance of active learning and how he has harnessed technology to engage and support his students.

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How data from digital learning tools can refine teaching

Used effectively, digital tools can help educators collect and analyse student performance data to help them refine their teaching practices. One example is the Learning Mastery Gradebook view in the Canvas learning management system (LMS), which helps collect data on progress made towards achieving individual course learning outcomes and presents the information a highly visual way.

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