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Now you can grade by question! A new feature in MyUni New Quizzes

MyUni New Quizzes

Grading by Question in SpeedGrader

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Turnitin AI Writing Detection Preview

AI pic

On April 4, 2023, Turnitin released an AI writing detection preview across several products, including the Turnitin Feedback Studio and Originality products, which are integrated within MyUni.

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Exciting collaborative opportunities to enhance learning

Mixed Cohort Learning

Learning Enhancement and Innovation’s Learning Design and Capability team and the Media Production Team is actively engaged in exciting new work with key stakeholders across the University of Adelaide.

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Worried students will use AI in your quiz assessment? There is a solution!

Students smiling on computers

Given the recent rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence, particularly Chat GPT – a natural language processing tool – there has been some concern and debate around how staff and students can best take advantage of this technology, while assuring academic integrity in assessments.

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Using animation to stimulate learning engagement


Students’ active engagement is key for learning. A collaboration between the Adelaide Business School and Learning Enhancement and Innovation leveraged technology to enhance students’ engagement with, and learning of, key concepts.  

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Artificial Intelligence Communities of Practice

The new Artificial Intelligence (AI) CoP tackled some of these challenging questions in our first meeting last week. Nobody has all the answers to these questions yet, and it feels like the technology is evolving almost daily. The last few weeks has seen announcements from Google, Microsoft and the launch of GPT4, which will once again change the conversation around the capabilities and affordances of AI tools. 

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Creating masterpieces from AI

Lexica Example

One of the most interesting aspects of artificial intelligence in 2023 is its ability to be creative. We once thought that AI would replace jobs such as manufacturing or self- driving garbage trucks. However, AI now appears to have significant capabilities in creative industries such as graphic design, copy editing, concept art and music. Is this the end of artists?  Tavik Morgenstern, Academic Integrity Investigations Officer, explores this in more depth.

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This is how I teach

Jo Perry 3

This month we spoke to Ms Jo Perry from the Adelaide Nursing School.  Jo is one of three staff who will be joining the Adelaide Education Academy, Executive Committee, from May this year.  Here she explains how she teaches within our rapidly changing environment and uses gamification to engage her students. 

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Connecting undergraduate research and career readiness

The Australian Council on Undergraduate Research (ACUR), of which the University is a member, works to promote and support undergraduate research. Their standout event is the Australian Conference of Undergraduate Research at which University of Adelaide students have successfully presented their research projects.

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Meet the 2023 Student Academic Skills Team

Laura Robinson

The SAS team help students engage productively with their coursework, and help them to realise and develop learning skills to succeed at University. They can also assist staff in many area.

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