ADEPT team in full swing

Reviewing policy

We are thrilled to announce that Dr Hayley MGrice and Samantha Newel have joined the ADEPT team for 2020 as Academic Lead and Assistant Academic Lead, respectively, for the Developing Educators Pathway.

The ADEPT (Adelaide Development Program for Educators and Professionals who Teach) team bring experience in, and enthusiasm for, effective, evidence-based approaches to designing and delivering engaging learning. Hayley and Sam have hit the ground running with the creation and delivery of an ADEPT module on online teaching in collaboration with Paul Moss from the LEI team.

Details of upcoming ADEPT modules on ‘Inquiry Based Learning’ and ‘Evaluating Learning and Teaching Effectiveness’ in addition to information about how the ADEPT program can support educators of all levels and experiences is now available on the ADEPT section of the Learning and Teaching website.

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