LinkedIn Learning for Learning and Teaching


LinkedIn Learning resources are now available to support student employability and complement curriculum delivery.  

We recently asked students how they thought LinkedIn Learning content could be used to support them in their studies and to prepare them for life after graduation. They were enthusiastic about gaining free access to LinkedIn Learning content and suggested that including relevant content in their courses via MyUni would be the most effective use of the resources. The skills and capabilities that students said they most wanted to develop included presentation skills, leadership skills, group work dynamics, time management and cultural awareness. They also identified more technical skills such as use of digital technology and software as something that would benefit them in both their studies and work life.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

The Division of Academic and Student Engagement has activated an institutional LinkedIn Learning licence for all staff and students. LinkedIn Learning (formerly is a repository of online video resources, designed to convey information about specific topics in short bites, which can be viewed any time, and (importantly for students) on any device.

The available online content falls into one of three broad categories: business, creative and technical skills. Material is presented in short 3-6 minute videos, within a broader, directly related topic. Resources range from general to specific and are categorised at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. Pieces of complementary material can be packaged as a collection (e.g. around a common topic or theme), or developed methodically through the compilation of a sequential learning path. New courses are released each week based on LinkedIn insights into emerging in-demand skills.

Here is just a small sample of courses to show the variety of topics available:

  • Managing Your Time
  • Building Resilience
  • Influencing Others
  • Managing Team Conflict 
  • Emerging Leader Foundations
  • Public Speaking Fundamentals
  • Data-Analysis Fundamentals with Excel
  • Python for Students
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Essential Training
  • Business Writing Principles
  • Communicating Via Email

How can I access LinkedIn Learning?

Access is available to all students and staff through single sign-on (SSO). You do not need a personal LinkedIn profile to use LinkedIn Learning but you do need to activate your institutional LinkedIn Learning account to access the course material. Users with a LinkedIn profile can choose whether they wish to connect their LinkedIn Learning account to it (to receive content recommendations based on their profile) or keep the accounts separate.

How can I use LinkedIn Learning?

There is an enormous amount of content on LinkedIn Learning, which can be overwhelming. As part of the service, LinkedIn Learning have a team who can help map their content to our needs. For academic staff this means an opportunity to have content curated and aligned with course outlines and learning outcomes. Staff may be interested in LinkedIn Learning content that supports an activity in a course, for example resources on presentation skills where students will be expected to present, or understanding group dynamics or effective teams prior to undertaking group work in a course. LinkedIn Learning content can also be embedded throughout a course to build specific graduate attributes. 

Join our pilot project

The Employability Team in the Student Learning Portfolio is facilitating this process, in order to support staff and make accessing and using LinkedIn Learning content as simple as possible. We are seeking Course Coordinators who are willing to participate in pilot projects to embed LinkedIn Learning in the curriculum. The pilot project will start in late May.

If you are interested in exploring the use of LinkedIn Learning resources within your courses, or just want to find out more, get in touch with the Employability Team via email. 

Further information about LinkedIn Learning can be found on the website.

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