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Echo360 – Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

ASR is a service that automatically generates transcripts using "speech-to-text" technology and can also be used for creating closed captions.

From 19 January 2021, all videos uploaded to Echo360 will automatically have transcripts generated.

ASR was piloted in 2019 and proved to enhance the experience of video lectures in several courses, in addition to the improved accessibility that text transcripts and captions provide.

Some students commented that having transcripts helped them to better understand different accents, allowed them to search within the video for keywords, let them move to a specific part of the lecture quickly, and provided another mode of delivery so they could choose between reading, listening or both.

In spite of the high accuracy of the tool, errors are possible, particularly when handling subject-specific terminology like in Mathematics, or when the spoken words are rushed or unclear.  Speech clarity also depends on the quality of the audio input, so using good microphones on appropriate distance improves the transcripts accuracy.

It is recommended to check the generated transcript for language errors and correct any mistakes. Transcripts can be easily edited within the tool. Check Echo360 ASR guide for how to edit and save transcripts.

If ASR is not required in a course, it can be turned off from the course’s Echo360 feature settings.


  • Only videos newly recorded or uploaded using Echo360 from 19 January 2021 onwards will have an automatically generated transcript. Videos created prior to 2021 will not have transcripts automatically generated, however, transcripts can be applied by re-publishing the video to a course.
  • It takes around 30 minutes for a video to generate automatic transcriptions, longer for videos that are more than an hour in length and/or if the transcription service is processing a large number of requests at the time.
  • Editing the transcript permission could be given to students if required. It can be turned on from the course’s Echo360 feature settings.
  • Students have the choice to open or close the transcription panel when watching the recording.

For more information, please refer to the Echo360 Automatic Speech Recogition (ASR) page in the MyUni Learning Centre. 

You can also contact MyUni Support with any questions by emailing or calling 8313 3000 (option 3).

Story by Eman Rashwan, Educational Technologist, LEI


Easy to use new tool to copy Echo360 course content.

If you’re a course coordinator and want use your previous Echo360 course content in your current course then this tool will help you do it!  

This new tool will copy all Echo360 content including videos, classes and presentations from a previous version of a course to the current version, with minimal editing.  

To access this new tool, go to your course Toolkit and you will see the new Echo Copy tile. If you have a previous course offering it will be available for selection. 

Things to be aware of: 

  • After copying, some course editing will be required so the course fits with the current year eg. class dates. 

  • Any edits to the content will be made to both the old and the new copied course because the course shares any content links. 

  • This version of the tool allows the previous course offering to be copied, not a full list of previous courses. 

  • The whole course content must be copied over, any editing can take place after copying. 

For more detail on this tool and how to access Toolkit go to the Echo360 Copy Guide.  

Your feedback on this tool is welcome! All improvements will be considered. Please send feedback via MyUni Support

Story by Hasti Absssi, Learning Designer, and Simona Padvelkyte, Administration Officer - LEI

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