Course Readings…it’s reading list time

With Semester 1 approaching, it is time to start preparing your reading lists.

The Library supports the Course Readings system to provide students with access to learning resources in one place within MyUni. Course Readings integrates with Library Search allowing you to link seamlessly to online library resources. Your list can also include a range of other resources including print library materials, and openly accessible online content such as videos and webpages in your list.

Course Readings is the designated system for sharing third party copyright material with students (i.e. anything that you or another University staff member didn’t create). View the Procedures for using third party materials for educational purposes for more details.

Even if you are planning to just use one or two books in your course, there's still lots of reasons to create a reading list. Through Course Readings you can:

  • tag your textbook so the Library knows how many copies are needed for your class
  • tag high-use books to move them to short-term loan to maximise student access
  • request the Library digitise a portion of a book to be made available online
  • request new items be purchased for your course (where possible we will purchase in electronic format)
Student walking past the library

To get started, access Course Readings from the navigation in your MyUni course. You can create a new list or, if you have used Course Readings in the past, simply roll-over an existing list to re-use it for the new teaching period.

You don't have to create your list all at once – once you have added your first few weeks of readings, use the SEND button to alert the Library so we can start reviewing your list. You can continue to add to your list through the teaching period. If you have items that need to be purchased or digitised, please submit these as early as possible.

There are a range of support materials on the Course Readings website, and the Course Readings team are available to help by email, phone or Zoom. If you would like help finding resources for your course, please contact your Liaison Librarian. You can also check out our short Library Bite for Teaching session: Course Readings. What? Why? Where? How?

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