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How data from digital learning tools can refine teaching

Used effectively, digital tools can help educators collect and analyse student performance data to help them refine their teaching practices. One example is the Learning Mastery Gradebook view in the Canvas learning management system (LMS), which helps collect data on progress made towards achieving individual course learning outcomes and presents the information a highly visual way.

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Learning Assets Database

Learning Assets Database

Learning Enhancement and Innovation and the University Library have created a database of interactive learning assets, ready to use!

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Life is easier with Course Readings

Course Readings - MyUni

Are you looking for a new way to provide a reading list to your students? Are you using a PDF list to let your students know what they need to find? There is a better way and it’s available directly in your MyUni course!

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MyUni New Quizzes

MyUni New Quizzes

New Quizzes is now available in MyUni as the new quiz engine, offering new features and question types.

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English assist program for all commencing international students

Students walking

To assist international students commencing their studies in Semester 2, 2021, all students were invited to be enrolled into the English Assist program through MyUni.

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MyUni Update

Reviews in progress

Learn about two new features available on MyUni to assist you with your teaching in 2021 - Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and an easy to use new tool to copy Echo360 course content

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