MyUni New Quizzes

“New Quizzes” is now available in MyUni as the new quiz engine and expected to replace the Classic quizzes by mid-2022, though existing Classic quizzes will continue to function until fully replaced.


MyUni New Quizzes

New Quizzes offers several new features and question types that enhance the engagement and interactions; item banks sharing updates and adding tags to make it possible to search for a question based on a key word; the new stimulus feature that allows several questions to be structured around a common theme or “stimulus”; printing the quiz and saving it as PDF file. In addition to the enhancements to quiz Analytics and Moderation options.

New Quizzes has been enabled in MyUni so that you can begin to familiarize yourself with the tool and start using it in your courses. You can also migrate the existed Classic quizzes to New quizzes. Guides and resources are available in MyUni Learning Centre

Story by Eman Rashwan, Learning Enhancement and Innovation.

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