MyUni News: Cadmus now available to all courses

The Cadmus online assessment platform is now available for use in all courses as part of the MyUni ecosystem. 

Cadmus is an online assessment platform that facilitates the end-to-end assessment workflow for academics and students. This involves assessment design, delivery, completion, submission, and feedback. The platform enables the delivery of a range of formative and summative, individual written assessments.

Cadmus is an assessment for learning platform that delivers the administrative benefits of conventional online assessment platforms, as well as scalable assessment quality and learning support to teachers and students.

With a range of educative and learner-centred features, along with sophisticated learning analytics and non-invasive security functionality, Cadmus can be used for both formative assessment as well as open-book, summative pieces like exam alternatives.


Digital capabilities

Cadmus contains academic skill development resources within the application. This includes embedded referencing support for students. Cadmus assessment design incorporates educational approaches to promote student academic skill development by embedding academic skill resources within assessment tasks.

Cadmus integrates directly with TurnItIn and Canvas SpeedGrader, so you get all the benefits of TurnItIn and the ease of marking with SpeedGrader.

To get started with Cadmus, check out the MyUni Learning Centre Cadmus Guides, and book in directly with one of Cadmus’ friendly staff who can assist with assessment design, setup and support with the Cadmus platform.

More questions about assessment design or which tools would best support your students? Book a consultation time with one of our University of Adelaide Learning Designers or Educational Technologists

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