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Teachers beating AI


The challenges posed by developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated text have been getting a lot of attention recently. Assessment design can help to secure assessments by making them more difficult to outsource, either to a contract cheating provider or to AI. Associate Professor Georgina Drew (Social Sciences) explains how her assessment design engages students and encourages them to do their own thinking and learning.

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Supporting academic skill development through Cadmus


The transition to university and meeting the requirements of academic scholarship and the associated academic skill development, can prove to be daunting and overwhelming for students. Learn how the Cadmus online assessment platform supports academic skill development via in application referencing support tools.

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Cadmus - a new tool to support assessment design

two students discuss a paper

Academic integrity is one of the key tenets of academic scholarship. Upholding the associated values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage requires educators to model these values and practices for students. To develop the fundamental skills associated with academic integrity, staff require awareness, resources and tools.

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