Refresh, Review, Revisit Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is about building good academic practice, and this takes repetition. Regularly revisiting academic integrity expectations and best practice helps to reinforce the importance of integrity and keep it relevant for students.

Here are three ideas for academic integrity refreshers this semester:

1. Share support resources

Remind students about the free academic support available from the University, including the Maths Learning Centre, Writing Centre, PASS, Studiosity, referencing guides and Turnitin Originality Check and guide.

Spend some time talking about how these services and tools work, and why they’re better than searching for ‘homework help’ online. And make sure you refresh the links in your MyUni course to keep things current.

2. Review through meaningful discussion

Why do we reference? Where is the line between collaboration and conclusion? Is it ok to work together on the outline of an essay? Why do we need to write formulas or code from scratch rather than googling? Why do we have to write things in our own words?

Engaging students in discussions about academic integrity in practice helps to shed some light on any perceived grey areas and get to the bottom of tricky questions. These discussions also remind students that academic integrity isn’t just a set of rules, but rather a way of showing their understanding and learning.

Need some more discussion prompts? Try our ‘Is this OK’ game or discuss some case studies of recent academic integrity cases.

3. Revisit expectations

Academic integrity bears repeating! Point to the Academic Integrity Statement (available via the Assignment Help tab) or referencing guides in your assessment guidelines. Send out a reminder via MyUni announcements. Invite one of our newly recruited Academic Integrity Ambassadors for a chat at the start of one of your lectures.

Talk to us about how we can support you!

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