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PASS at Roseworthy

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) are weekly 50 minute study sessions, facilitated by a successful senior student, in which students can revisit core topics, practically apply knowledge and support each other through the transition to tertiary studies. Developing a sense of community and connection is one of the core goals of the program, especially within cohorts who may be feeling isolated or removed from the wider University community.  

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Trusted after-hours academic support for students

Course reviews

At this stage of the semester, whether - and how - students ask for help can often be determined by explicit direction from trusted authorities, e.g., lecturers, coordinators, library staff, and international student support staff.

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Ensuring student success through the pandemic

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Delivering a high quality learning experience is a team effort. Our student support services play a vital role in ensuring student success and enhancing the teaching and learning offered by our dedicated teachers.

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