PASS at Roseworthy

PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) are weekly 50 minute study sessions, facilitated by a successful senior student, in which students can revisit core topics, practically apply knowledge and support each other through the transition to tertiary studies. Developing a sense of community and connection is one of the core goals of the program, especially within cohorts who may be feeling isolated or removed from the wider University community.  

A great example of how PASS can foster this sense of community and connection is PASS at Roseworthy. PASS predominantly runs out of North Terrace but we are fortunate to have a fantastic team of student volunteers at Roseworthy Campus to facilitate PASS.  One of our volunteers, Kim Handley, has been nominated for Student Volunteer of the Year for all the hard work she has put into facilitating the PASS program at Roseworthy. Recently Kim shared some of her thoughts on community and connection at Roseworthy.  

What are some unique aspects of studying at Roseworthy?  

Roseworthy is a working farm which gives us a great opportunity for more hands on experience through practicals. It can be challenging though due to less access to resources as we are so isolated from North Terrace. However, the community at Roseworthy creates such a great support base to be studying in.  

Why do you think a sense of community on Roseworthy campus is so important? And how do you think PASS helps build this community? 

Roseworthy is quite isolated from the rest of the university which makes having a sense of community so much more important. PASS helps by bringing different year levels together and share learning experience to support each other.  

PASS Leaders work closely with academics, how have you found this experience? 

I have found the experience incredibly rewarding, not only through forming new connections, and gaining skills in teaching and learning, but also gaining an insight into the challenges academics face through teaching.  

Kim is continuously looking for ways to increase the reach of PASS at Roseworthy and ways to get involved in campus community at large. She will be continuing with PASS next year as a Senior Leader, mentoring and training new PASS Leaders.  

We at PASS look forward to continuing to support the students and staff at Roseworthy campus in 2023. If you'd like to hear more about the program or other ways to provide peer learning opportunities to your students, please contact Laura at or visit our website  

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