Digital Experience

The delivery of contemporary technologies and personalised services, including a digital experience platform, to enrich and enhance the University experience across our extended University community.

Seamless interaction and engagement for our University community through all digital touchpoints

Digital Experience

Point of View

Digital experience is everything that people observe and feel when they interact with machines, processes and communications through a technology touchpoint. A good digital experience is when technology does not get in the way, but unobtrusively and seamlessly supports processes and enables people to achieve their goals.

Contemporary thinking in higher education is that technology should be invisible and easy to use – seamlessly connecting people across their University community and industry partners. Leading universities are leveraging technology to support and automate day to day activities, making what people do easier and simpler, freeing them up for higher value tasks.

What does the future look like?

  • Our University community is provided with a seamless and unified digital experience which pulls together academic, research, professional, personal and social interactions into a coherent and inter-connected digital ecosystem dynamically created and personalised for the individual whereby their experience when online is aligned with and connected to their physical experience when on campus.
  • Their digital experience further strengthens our students’ sense of connection to their academic cohort and community.
  • Simple to use technology continues to bring additional efficiency and effectiveness to dayto-day activities for university staff and academics.
  • Collaboration between internal parties and with external stakeholders is the norm, with technology playing a silent supporting role as relationships drive national and international partnerships and connections to achieve academic and research outcomes.
  • In the future the digital experience that we provide has been exceptional for so long that it is seen as an intrinsic part of the University of Adelaide.This is a key attractor for prospective students, researchers and external partners, as well as alumni.
Digital Experience perspectives


“Technology is just easy, and genuinely helps me to achieve outcomes.”

“My university knows who I am, anticipates my needs, and through technology supports me in what I want to achieve.”

“I can switch between being physically on campus and being online on our virtual campus, even in the middle of an activity. It is seamless and I don’t even need to think about it.”