Digitally Enabled Workforce

Technologies that enable the University to actively engage and manage our talent; making it easier for staff to work, collaborate, and connect with each other through linked systems and data

Making it easier for our people to develop and grow, work, collaborate and connect

Digitally Enabled Workforce

Point of View

The expectations placed on the workforce in the higher education sector are continually changing, making it essential to be able to easily identify, manage and develop talent on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, in recent years the way people work has incrementally but permanently changed.

Geographic distance does not matter and borders no longer exist in the digitally-connected global community, and the ability to collaborate locally, nationally and globally, to share knowledge and ideas and co-create outcomes is now essential.

By using technology to make working easier for their staff, leading universities are evolving to be more effective and remain relevant in this new world.

What does the future look like?

  • The University has the ability to track and proactively manage our talent pool, so we have the right skills and capabilities to meet current and future needs as we ensure our culture supports our academic and research mission.
  • Information and digital tools are available to enable managers to have more effective conversations with staff, support their development, enhance performance and help them achieve their goals.
  • Access to personalised, flexible online learning and development systems and tools empower staff to have ownership and control over their skills and career development, essential in meeting our expectation of performance excellence across the University.
  • Online tools and resources provide personalised training that staff can consume at their preferred location, time and pace, and support faster and more effective staff on-boarding and orientation.
  • Our collaborative and connected academic community uses knowledge-sharing and collaboration technology platforms to co-create and share content and ideas across the University and with external partners and organisations –locally, nationally and globally.
  • Our University-wide use of contemporary communications tools and technologies supports and enables effective internal teams, and connects us with peers and external partners.
  • Historic tracking and predictive analytics related to staff credentials and qualifications enables proactive management of our disclosure and compliance requirements.
  • We are well known as a talent-based institution, attracting and retaining local and international talent to complement our existing high-achieving people and teams.


“As a staff member I have control of my learning and development needs through self-assessment tools and online learning resources.”

“Technology helps us with quicker on-boarding and orientation of staff, enabling them to settle in and be productive and effective sooner.”

“I use technology to find information and connect with others within and outside the university to build my network, share ideas and knowledge, and collaborate on joint outcomes.”