Learning, Teaching & Assessment

The exploration and delivery of new technologies to support a modern approach to learning, teaching and assessment

New technologies to support the provision of a 21st century education

Learning, Teaching & Assessment

Point of View

Student needs, preferences and expectations are rapidly evolving, creating shifts in the way learning, teaching and assessment are conceptualised.

Universities across the world are embracing the changing environment in higher education and adopting an experience-based approach to attracting and retaining students, and reimagining what academics and staff need and expect in order to improve learning outcomes.

What does the future look like?

  • Active learning is embedded across our programs and courses, with a particular emphasis on technology-supported, collaborative and inquiry-based approaches, linking group learning, and learning through inquiry and research, with real-world problem solving and the development of our students’ employability skills, including their digital capabilities.
  • On-demand access to innovative digital course content and materials enables greater student flexibility, and the opportunity to develop consistent learning experiences across channels, with high-quality online alternatives to the campus-based experience.
  • Flexible learning is the norm, and students can use digital tools to review and manage their progression at their own desired pace and level.
  • Courses can be fully or partially online, and conducted across physical and virtual venues, offering greater flexibility for students and staff, supporting our culturally diverse student body to be located anywhere globally, increasing student engagement and meeting personal preferences.
  • Technology supports flexible academic calendars and timetabling, and also facilitates easy personalisation of the ‘student journey’, providing individualised paths that students can design within the University curriculum.
  • A balance of technology-assisted formative and summative assessments is used in conjunction with adaptive learning to better meet individual students’ needs and strengths, while insights from learning analytics support educational enhancement and enable personalised support for students at risk of dropping out or failing. Our focus is on helping our students to be the best they can be.
  • Our globally-geared University culture is supported by on-campus and off-campus learning environments that are digitally enhanced. Immersive and interactive learning is provided through technology-enabled assessments and materials such as high-resolution video streams, augmented and virtual reality content, and interactive simulation activities.
Learning Teaching and Assessment


“My university offers me learning in applied and experiential ways – anytime, anywhere.”

“I am empowered with real-time insights about my students, in-class and market trends to achieve world-class educational outcomes.”

“Our focus on optimising technology’s potential to enhance student learning builds on and complements the rich interactions between student peers, and between students and academic and learning support staff.”