Looking forward

Technology to support the University of Adelaide to be the 21st century institution that our state and heritage deserve...

The challenges and opportunities of the future require both foundational technology elements that we need to function, and transformative technology initiatives to help us support the University to achieve our goals to increase international student numbers, optimise domestic student numbers, increase research income and performance, acquire and retain top talent, enhance alumni engagement, and provide a welcoming and engaging campus.

Building on these foundations, we will provide solutions to support and enable the delivery of new and innovative learning, teaching and research business models.We will continually enhance the digital experience across the University for students, researchers, staff, industry partners and our wider stakeholder communities.

We will provide real-time access to insightful and impactful data into how we operate as a university, empowering staff and enabling all university stakeholders to make evidence-based decisions. In parallel, we will enhance our relationship management to better engage locally, nationally and globally, and make the most of our invaluable reputation and connections.

We will embrace innovation, applying emerging and advanced technologies to deliver new experiences and services to meet the continually evolving needs and expectations of our University community as we continue to deliver world-class learning and research outcomes. This will result in an even greater ability to attract and retain talented staff, researchers and students.

What the future looks like across our University community

  • Learning

    ‘My university knows who I am, anticipates my needs, and helps me achieve my life objectives, including my academic goals.’

    Students have a seamless experience, guided with digital tools to enhance their academic, socialand professional activities. They drive and have choice in their own learning, as our University offers meaningful and relevant learning in applied and experiential ways: anytime, anywhere, and personalised to our students.

  • Research

    ‘My research and my professional development evolve in parallel, enabling me to meet global industry expectations.’

    Researchers have access to key insights for complex problem-solving with global impact. High performance technology solutions drive quicker, more accurate research outcomes, and researchers are better supported to identify opportunities and collaborate with industry and peer universities, both near and far. Access to reliable data provides a wealth of information, and researchers can process insights to rapidly shape leading research.

  • Academic & Teaching

    ‘I am empowered with real-time insightful and impactful data about my students to achieve world-class educational outcomes.’

    Academic and teaching staff share and co-create knowledge while supporting active inquiry in inspiring and engaging ways to increase learner agency and improve educational outcomes. They have the right tools to deliver content to all audiences, both within and beyond the classroom, to develop students’ discipline-specific and broader capabilities, skills and knowledge. They are well placed to broaden their students’ perspectives by bringing authentic real-world experiences into learning.

  • University Staff

    ‘I have a clear understanding of my performance, the people I support, and the goals of University initiatives.’

    Staff are empowered by data-driven insights to support evidence-informed practice and improve the experience of students, researchers and educators.They have the right tools and capabilities for effective collaboration across our University. Their focus on outcomes for academics, students and researchers is enhanced through the support of technologies such as process automation and machine learning.

  • Alumni, Titleholders & Donors

    ‘The university knows me and understands what matters to me. I feel like a valued member of, and partner in, our global University of Adelaide community.’

    Alumni, titleholders and donors feel engaged and appreciated by the University, which understands their past experiences, current work and life priorities, as well as the trajectory of their future.

    Communications are genuine and natural, with tailored and personalised suggestions, opportunities and ideas that resonate with them. They understand that being a member of the University network advances them professionally and socially, and that they have a stake –and an active part to play –in the future of the University.

  • Industry, External Partners & the Community

    ‘We are transforming lives and society, and are active participants in the economy, through the design and delivery of outcomes that are tailored for diversity and inclusion, impactful in nature, and accessible through multi-delivery models.’

    External partners are positively influenced by leading-edge research and by our students, academics and alumni. Local communities and industry benefit through inclusive learning experiences and are partners in the delivery of our education and research. Learning and life experiences, and strategic external partnerships, drive economic prosperity for South Australia and nationally.