MyAdelaide: A new digital experience for students in 2021

MyAdelaide mobile view

MyAdelaide is now available to all students. This first release will offer a new look and a rich mobile experience for students wanting to see personalised class and exam timetables, as well as academic results. Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students will be able to view their candidature, including milestones, progress, candidature and supervisor information.

Trimester 1 students will view their personalised exam timetable in MyAdelaide from 8 April. For the first time, all exam information for a student will be in one place – including any alternative examination arrangements. Semester 1 exam timetables will be available from 14 May.

Exam timetables will only be visible in MyAdelaide. Other features will be available by going directly to MyAdelaide, via links from Access Adelaide to MyAdelaide, or within the old system until it is decommissioned towards the end of the year.

Student feedback was gathered from a sample of UoA students and has guided the design process. Student feedback has been continuously sought and remains at the forefront of decision-making. Let us know what you think at

Visit the MyAdelaide web page for more information

Screenshot of MyAdelaide exam timetable

Screenshot of sample MyAdelaide exam timetable

Screenshot of sample MyAdelaide academic results

Screenshot of sample MyAdelaide academic results

MyAdelaide upcoming classes

Screenshot of MyAdelaide upcoming classes

MyAdelaide research candidature

Screenshot of MyAdelaide research candidature

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