Cybersecurity Training

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, we are committed to fostering a security-aware culture and to equipping staff and students with the knowledge to thwart cyber threats.

The Cybersecurity Tutorial covers the following:

  • Account and Password Security
  • Email Security
  • Device Security
  • Data Security

All staff are required to complete the tutorial, which takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Begin the tutorial

The University is frequently the target of email-based phishing attacks. Phishing emails may look like legitimate business communications.They lure the user to click on a link leading to a fake login page, where they unwittingly provide their username and password. Or, the goal may be for the recipient to open an attachment containing malware. In a worst case scenario the attacker may actually be able to take control of your computer.

As part of the Cybersecurity Program, the University's Online Security team sends staff members a number of simulated phishing emails.

The program allows us to:

  • provide tips for staff members to reinforce best-practices
  • measure how likely it is that real phishing emails will succeed when sent to staff members at the University

The outcomes of the program enable us to adjust our security awareness campaigns to build a more cybersecurity-aware University community. Check our information on the recognising a phishing scam page for more information about real life phishing and what to do about it.

Staying safe online and protecting your electronic data is the responsibility of everyone at the University of Adelaide. Use these games below to test your knowledge, and maybe even learn something new to help you stay safe.

The below are games that will open within your browser covering different security related topics.

You Got Mail You have mail, but can you tell a phishing email from a legitimate message?
Dodgy Wifi How can you ensure that the video in your presentation runs smoothly without wifi? Are there security implications that you haven't thought about if you download the video?
Password Paladin Can you tell a strong password from a weak one? Do you know what makes a strong password? Find out in Password Paladin!
Real or No Deal? Real? or No Deal! The game show that challenges you to distinguish the legitimate emails from the phishy fakes.
Data Detectives Can you distinguish between documents with different data security levels?
Device Defenders How can you protect your devices to prevent data breach in an event of theft or loss?