Protect your data using File Encryption and Password Protection

With growing use of cloud storage, it is easy for sensitive information to be over-shared via anonymous links. Documents can also be sent erroneously to wrong recipients by email. Additional file-level encryption protected by a password helps to prevent unauthorised disclosure by accident.

There are several methods depending on data/file type as follows:

Things to consider when using any type of data encryption

  • The level of protection is only as good as the quality of the password used. Make sure to select a randomly generated password containing upper and lower alphabets, numbers and symbols with length greater than 12 characters
  • Consider using key-based encryption if the number of users needing access is small
  • Level of protection is only as good as how you protect the password. Never send it by email or share it in chats.
  • Sending encrypted zip file by email is not a good idea, as it is a primary way for delivering malware and will get blocked by most email security software. Share via Box or Teams and communicate passwords in another secure channel.
  • If you lose your password or key, you will lose access to data. Make sure you record your password in your password manager.