Service Status

Last updated: Wednesday 16 December 2020 11.02am

  • Current and upcoming outages

    Outage type Start time Service affected Expected restoration time
    Unplanned 5:00pm Mon 14 Dec 2020

    Login issues to various University websites/apps when using Chrome.

    Workaround: use Firefox or Edge

  • Recent outages

    Outage type Start Service affected Resolved
    Unplanned 8:30am Wed 16 Dec 

    Google experienced issues with sending email to/from Gmail accounts. 

    11:00am Wed 16 Dec 
    Planned 6pm Wed 2 Dec 

    Information Technology and Digital Services will be performing maintenance on the UofA wireless network during this time.

    Some devices may need to accept, trust or verify the new Wireless Security Certificate. For detailed instructions for your device please visit

    10pm Wed 2 Dec 
    Unplanned 12pm Mon 16 Nov Various drupal websites were unavailable 4:35pm Mon 16 Nov 
    Unplanned 9:50am Tue 3 Nov  Online Shop was down and unavailable. 10:20am Tue 3 Nov 

Major maintenance windows

In addition to our standard maintenance windows, major maintenance occurs on the weekend containing the second Sunday of every month (November & December are excluded)

For a full list of impacted services please see our Major Maintenance Windows page.

Upcoming 2021 dates for major maintenance are as follows:

13-14 Feb  |  13-14 Mar  |  10-11 Apr  |  8-9 May  |  12-13 Jun  |  10-11 Jul  |  7-8 Aug  |  11-12 Sep  |  9-10 Oct