Technology Foundations

Ongoing modernisation is key to sustaining our technology and digital services and powering the other seven key technology enablers.

The continued maintenance and securing of our existing technology landscape and assets, together with the platforms for data analytics, digital experience and enterprise relationship management, are the foundations on which we will build our core digital capabilities into the future, and are key to sustaining current service levels, and meeting future needs.

Core foundational technologies that are secure, easily accessible and reliable, on which to build our digital and information solutions

Tech Foundations

Point of View

The increasingly changing environment of higher education has led to universities embracing emerging technologies and innovative approaches to meet the rapidly evolving needs and expectations of their numerous stakeholders.

In this time of significant and relentless change it is imperative to ensure that the core foundations that underpin the evolving technology landscape are robust, scalable, secure and resilient, and provide ongoing value and capability to meet future needs.

Technology functions within universities are leveraging more cloud services and working within an ecosystem of specialist technology partners.This allows the delivery of fit for purpose technology services and personalised experiences, while responding to pressures to keep costs in check.

What does the future look like?

  • The high-quality technological experiences we provide are maintained as we progressively introduce new technologies and platforms to meet the evolving needs of our University community. The transition process is seamless and invisible.
  • Our sustainability-based approach to technology ensures increasing scalability and re-usability, which we combine with enhanced stability and security in the core platforms we use across our digital ecosystem.
  • We have confidence in the system capacity available to support our planned growth, maintain system performance, deliver research outcomes and conduct daily operational activities.
  • We reduce the risk that our students, researchers and the wider University community are adversely impacted due to system failure, malicious cyber security attacks, loss or corruption of critical data, or being unable to complete daily activities.
  • Information Technology and Digital Services continues to develop our people and skills in order to bring emerging, contemporary and innovative technology and associated practices from across the world to our stakeholders.
  • The operating model we use to deliver technology and services continues to evolve to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.


“We have confidence that ‘business as usual’ technology across the university is not affected as we continue to implement our technology agenda to meet the ambitious Future Making vision.”

“We maintain our focus on realising value on our operational investment, and in evolving our operating model to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and operational excellence.”

“As a member of the technology team I am encouraged and supported to continually build on my existing skills and capabilities, and develop new ones, to remain at the forefront of technology and practices. I do this in order to better meet the changing needs of our stakeholders.”