Technology Vision & Principles

Our Technology Vision


Imagine a university where ...

Information and services flow through our online and physical spaces, intuitively connected and supported by seamless data exchanges.  

The experience is personalised, reflecting the preferences of our students, researchers, academics, 
staff, alumni and industry partners. Digital solutions blend with physical touchpoints, creating a thriving and innovative space in our campuses, institutes and teaching hospitals, in the Adelaide CBD, at Waite and Roseworthy, and across South Australia as well as nationally, and around the world.  

From the first moment of engagement with our University and throughout their lives, people are impressed by the ease and richness of their digital experience.  

Our Technology Principles

Technology is an enabler and supporter of our University and the Future Making vision. We design and align technology around University and individual need, rather than the other way around.


The people who use technology are more important than the technology itself –we embed design thinking in our approach to gathering requirements and designing solutions to meet the needs of our University community

  • Prioritise the human side of technology
  • User-centric, not technology-centric
  • Connectedness with our wider university community, including alumni and industry

Innovation & Operational Excellence

We leverage new technologies and ideas, sustainably, in order to continuously improve. Our environment nurtures creativity and fosters innovation to support ideation through to realisation of outcomes that have practical and real-worldbenefits

  • Innovative, intuitive and digitally integrated
  • Drive efficiency and effectiveness, reduce complexity
  • Continually provide value for our University


Ensuring we have a secure, stable, efficient and well-managed digital ecosystem on which to build our new digital capabilities

  • Reuse before buy, buy before build
  • Preference cloud as a strategic advantage
  • Well-defined governance
  • Treat data as a crucial university asset, and ensure it is accurate, up to date and easily accessible