On-Campus Event Information

The University of Adelaide provides a wonderful backdrop for both large and small events, with a range of spaces located across three campuses and the Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences building.

  • Alcohol on campus

    The North Terrace, Waite and Roseworthy Campuses are covered under the University of Adelaide's general liquor licence. This licence allows the serving of alcohol by staff and students for University and club purposes only.

    The University of Adelaide liquor licence does not cover the following:

    • External events involving the serving of alcohol.
    • Internal or external events involving alcohol being sold. This includes alcohol as part of the entry price, alcohol given away for a donation and/or alcohol supplied as part of a club membership.
      • Please note: selling of alcohol is permitted in certain locations on campus, if you are unsure if your event is located in one of these spaces please contact Facilities Bookings.

    For more clarity on whether your event requires a liquor licence please refer to the Liquor Licence Flowchart.

    All event organisers hosting a function involving alcohol on University grounds must complete the Application to Serve Alcohol form in the first instance and then follow the below steps:

    • Complete a risk assessment and alcohol on campus checklist.
    • Organise a temporary 'once off event' liquor licence if applicable.
      • This step does not apply if the alcohol is being sold/served by the University of Adelaide Club as they will cover your event under their liquor licence.
      • This step does not apply if you are a University of Adelaide staff member or student and your event involves the service of alcohol only.
    • Organise a responsible person (RP). This is a member of the event with an appropriate RSA badge. The RP must not consume any alcohol and must be present for the duration of the event,
    • If your event has over 30 people in attendance a security guard must be hired to monitor your event. For every 100 people in attendance an additional guard must be hired.

    For any additional information on alcohol on campus please contact Facilities Bookings or view the Alcohol Management & Use Policy.

  • Audio visual equipment

    All of the University of Adelaide's common teaching areas (lecture theatres, laboratories, seminar rooms etc.) come with access to our standard range of audio visual (AV) equipment. In most cases this will include a projector, projector/TV screens, built in PC, microphones and audio equipment.

    Support and assistance with using audio visual equipment in the common teaching areas is provided by Information Technology & Digital Services (ITDS). The ITDS AV technicians can:

    • Deliver, set up and provide training on using AV equipment.
    • Provide training ahead of time, if required (please contact Facilities Bookings if you would like to arrange training ahead of your event)

    Before booking your event space please contact Facilities Bookings to make sure that the AV setup will meet your needs. In general, 48-hours notice is required if you require changes to the existing AV setup.

    If you are not holding your event in a common teaching area please contact Facilities Bookings to discuss your AV requirements and support options. 

    If you require additional AV equipment or would like to hire an AV technician to assist with your event please contact Information Technology & Digital Services.

  • Authority to display banners

    Approval must be sought from Facilities Bookings before any temporary banners or event signage is set up on University grounds.

    To obtain approval, please contact Facilities Bookings and include the following information:

    • Size of the banner
    • Details on how the banner will be secured / installed
    • Display dates
    • A statement outlining any occupational health and safety issues and how they will be addressed

    For a small fee (quote available on request), Facilities Bookings will make arrangements for the banner to be installed in the approved location. Please be aware that you may also need to have the design and layout of your banner approved by Marketing and Communications.

  • Catering

    The University of Adelaide has a variety of food and beverage outlets on campus, many of which provide an excellent catering service. Visit the campus catering website for information and contact details. 

    Third Party Caterers

    If the event is to be catered by a third party caterer (i.e. not the University of Adelaide Club or National Wine Centre Pty Ltd), and it involves the service of alcohol, the caterer must be approved by Facilities Bookings.

  • Furniture hire

    The University of Adelaide does not offer furniture hire.

    For the hire of trestle table/cocktail tables please contact the University of Adelaide Club. Larger items such as dinner tables, marquees and kitchen facilities can be hired from external providers (such as White Marquee or Atlas Party Hire).

  • Parking

    Parking on the North Terrace campus is limited, and parking for the general public is only available at certain times (parking fee applies). Learn more about parking on University grounds.

    Parking permits can be supplied to all event organisers. Up to two complimentary permits may be provided per event, with an additional three permits supplied for $20.00 per day per permit.

    Note: Parking permits only allow you to park your vehicle between white lined spaces unless bunting for specific spaces has been organised with Facilities Bookings. To organise parking permits for your event or for more information please contact Facilities Bookings.

View additional information on holding events at the Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences (AHMS) building.