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ADEPT – Check for Integrity Session

If you are responsible for marking online exams, this session will prepare you to detect the signs and signals that may indicate breaches of the academic integrity policy.

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ADEPT - Strategies for Successful Collaborative Learning Session

This short ADEPT module will address the challenges associated with group and collaborative learning approaches (both with and without assessment) and provide strategies to set students up for success when undertaking this approach to teaching and learning.  The workshop will address topics such as strategies for groups formation, managing student contributions, peer assessment of student conduct and performance.  Participants will also have an opportunity to share their experiences and practice and learning from each other’s past challenges and success.

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ADEPT - Introduction to University Teaching Workshop

Dates: Wednesday 23 & Friday 25 June

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The Future of Online Assessment

Presented by HES (Higher Education Sector)  this important discussion session, our distinguished panel will explore how Australian Universities will meet the ongoing challenges and what innovative solutions will be required to ensure academic integrity in online assessment: 

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