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This is how I teach

Dr Poppy Anastassiadis

This month we spoke to Dr Poppy Anastassiadis, Senior Lecturer with the Adelaide Dental School.  Read on to discover how Poppy creates a culture of peer support among her students, and how she uses technology to establish an effective cycle of evaluation and feedback in her classes.

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Staff endorsement encourages students to seek academic support

Students smiling on computers

The University’s Studiosity service is part of a comprehensive system of academic support provided for students through the Student Academic Skills team (including the Writing Centre, Maths Learning Centre and PASS) to help them engage confidently and successfully in their studies.

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This is how I teach

Claudia pic 2

This month we spoke to Associate Professor Claudia Szabo from the School of Computer Science about how she teaches the application of Complex Systems Theories in an engaging and interactive way.  Claudia is also a passionate member of the Diversity and Inclusion Community of Practice with members presenting a popular session at this month’s Festival of Learning and Teaching.

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Refresh, Review, Revisit Academic Integrity

two students read a document

Academic integrity is about building good academic practice, and this takes repetition. Regularly revisiting academic integrity expectations and best practice helps to reinforce the importance of integrity and keep it relevant for students.

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MyUni News: Cadmus now available to all courses

Digital capabilities

The Cadmus online assessment platform is now available for use in all courses as part of the MyUni ecosystem. 

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Using Visualisation to teach complex concepts


Creative approaches are needed to address the challenge of learning complex concepts. David Brown and Mark Giancaspro explain how they use comics to maximise engagement and student success.

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Times Higher Education Campus+ partnership 

Reviews in progress

The University of Adelaide has entered into a partnership arrangement with THE Campus+ which provides a platform for academic and professional staff to disseminate insights and advice on key areas of higher education. 

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This is how I teach

Mathew White

This month we spoke to Associate Professor Mathew White, interim Head of the School of Education within the Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics.  Mathew has a special interest in how leaders establish school cultures to encourage positive learning and wellbeing environments.  He is well published in the areas of character education, international education, leading change, strategic planning, and wellbeing education. Mathew’s expertise in student wellbeing will be featured in his presentation at this year’s Festival of Learning and Teaching, where he will speak on Evidence-informed Strategies to Promote Belonging in Learning and Teaching.

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Encouraging student leadership

The Student Leadership Programs Community of Practice (CoP) alternates between regular catch-ups for coordinators of programs involving peer-to-peer support and leadership and open meetings.  All staff are welcome to attend these open meetings, with discussion themes focused on topics highly relevant to students in leadership roles, and to staff who want to support the development of student/staff partnership approaches within the university.

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Contract cheating alerts

Survey approval

TEQSA have issued two sector alerts regarding contract cheating services being advertised  to students on campuses, and social media promotions offering students the chance to win up to $10,000  in exchange for uploading course materials or assignments to file-sharing websites. 

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