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Developing Feedback Literacy

We know that feedback needs to be timely and focused on information which can improve performance. However, to make the most of feedback, students need to learn how to interpret and respond to feedback. As part of their personal and professional development, they also need to learn how to constructively and respectfully seek and provide feedback. Colleagues in the School of Psychology share how they are supporting the development of students’ feedback literacy.

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This is how I teach

Dr Matthew Arnold

This month we spoke with Dr Matthew Arnold, lecturer and graduate of the Adelaide Medical School. Matthew has multiple roles within the school, coordinating the first-year courses of the new Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine program, leading the development of the Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) curriculum, and coordinating a Year 6 elective rotation in Medical Education.

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New Adelaide Education Academy Members


Congratulations to 19 staff who successfully applied to join the Adelaide Education Academy (AEA) in the recent round.

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