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Notifiable Event Reporting

What is a Notifiable Event?

In order to maintain adequate coverage and to be sure we can get the benefit of the insurance cover we purchase, the University must fulfill a "duty of disclosure" to its insurer.

This duty requires the University to notify the insurer of every known fact, circumstance or event (ie. 'notifiable event') as and when it happens, so that at all times the information relied on by the insurer is correct and complete. Failure to immediately report a notifiable event to the insurer places the University at risk of not being covered by insurance that it has paid for.

A notifiable event may be a consequence, fact, event, situation, omission, occurrence, activity or failure to do something that could result in a claim made against the University. It may involve the University's students or staff, its controlled entities, titleholders, contractors, visitors or volunteers. It may be words in an email, something said to you or a misrepresentation in a brochure. These ‘things’ may require a formal or an informal resolution and they may end up in court.

For Example:

  • A student files a claim against the University alleging discrimination
  • There is an accidental release of toxic vapour in a laboratory
  • A contractor suffers an injury when working in a University plant room
  • A member of the public falls and hurt himself at the entrance to a University building
  • There is a suspected embezzlement of University funds by a titleholder

Who must report a notifiable event?

Everyone. Staff, students, titleholders, volunteers, visitors, contractors and Controlled Entities.

It is essential that notifiable events are reported to Legal and Risk as soon as they become evident. Any change in the circumstances of a previously reported notifiable event must also be reported.

How to Report a Notifiable Event

To report a notifiable event, please complete the Notifiable Event Summary and Risk Assessment Form and email it to


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