International Anti-Corruption Day reminder: If you see it, report it!

Last Sunday - 9 December 2018 - was International Anti-Corruption Day.

The Day serves to remind everyone that fraud, bribery and corruption are unpalatable features of the global and domestic economies which undermine opportunities for fair exchanges between countries, organisations and individuals. The United Nations has identified the negative impact corruption has on education, health, justice, democracy, prosperity and development.

Closer to home, the SA Independent Commissioner Against Corruption recently released the report from the 2018 Public Integrity Survey. The Commissioner was particularly concerned that as many as one in seven South Australian Public Officers believe that their agency discourages reporting of corruption or other wrongdoing and noted that:

Public officers often experience anxiety, including fearing for their own employment, when making a report.

The Commissioner observed that it is up to every organisation to:

 Ensure an environment where a willingness to report improper conduct is valued rather than discouraged and where a reporter can feel safe and supported to make a report.

The University does not tolerate fraud, bribery or corruption and last week approved a revised Fraud and Corruption Control Policy. The revised Policy reinforces the need for all Personnel to exercise awareness and vigilance in all University related activities regardless of jurisdiction. Suspected wrongdoing must always be reported so that it can be properly investigated and systems improved.

Recognising that fraud and corruption is a real and pervasive risk means you should be alert to potential vulnerabilities and proactive in safeguarding the processes and resources in your workplace. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, be confident to report it.

A webpage has been established to provide guidance for Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing and explains the reporting options available depending on the type of information you have.

Anyone concerned about repercussions can make a protected disclosure under the Whistleblower Policy.

Fraud and corruption control is a shared responsibility.  So always remember to prevent, detect and report all wrongdoing.

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