Deeds: New Power of Attorney for Non-Real Property Deeds

Legal Services previously provided guidance on the formal requirements for the execution of deeds in our post Deeds: Who can sign them on behalf of the University? dated 6 October 2021 (

As a body corporate, the University is required to sign deeds either under seal or by power of attorney. The University has Powers of Attorney in place which enable certain officeholders who have authority under the University’s delegations to sign deeds within the remit of their delegation.

As of 18 April 2023, a new Power of Attorney for Non-Real Property Deeds has been put in place which includes an updated schedule of the officeholders who may sign deeds.

The updated list of officeholders as well as other information on deeds and the requirements for correct execution can be found at the following link available on the Legal Services intranet:

Further enquiries regarding Deeds can be submitted online via this form or email to

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