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Contract Management Essentials

AGD identified shortcomings in the University’s contract management and recordkeeping procedures. This article brings essential reminders to comply with the University's Contracts and Agreements Policy.

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Executing University Contracts - guidance

If you are involved in contract management, it is important to be aware of the formal requirements for signing contracts and deeds.

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New Trusts Governance Framework

This year, the Trusts Governance Framework will be implemented across the University to improve accountability and compliance with the University’s statutory obligations and donor expectations, and to prioritise the use of trust funds for the highest strategic benefit.

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Deeds: Who can sign them on behalf of the University?

Did you know that there are formal requirements for signing deeds? To streamline this process, the University has recently authorised specific officeholders to sign deeds under a Power of Attorney.

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Fair-go contracts for small business

Under Australian Consumer Law, small businesses can now challenge unfair terms in standard form contracts.

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Be social media aware - take care with what you share!

Social media provides an excellent public forum for individuals and organisations to connect and share information. However, make sure you take care with what you share...

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Stick to Fair Procedure!

We make decisions every day. Often these decisions will have an impact on someone else. Sometimes those decisions will change the opportunities and choices of others. In these situations it is essential that the decision-making procedure is ‘fair and proper’.

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Who can certify or witness?

Certified Copies, Statutory Declarations and Affidavits: What's the difference and what types of persons are authorised to certify or witness them?

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Should I make a note of that?

The next time you participate in negotiation or decision-making or even a conversation, be sure to make a record of it. It could protect both you and the University.

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Can I put that photo on a University website?

When including photos on University websites, social media pages or publications, be mindful of privacy and copyright implications.

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