The Archibald Mackie Prize

SLSA PRG-280-1-6-377

Sir Thomas Bent, Premier of Victoria with Archibald Mackie, Commissioner of Taxation in South Australia second from the right, and two other men standing on the entrance steps to the South Australian Hotel, Adelaide.
Photo courtesy of State Library of South Australia

In 1915, the South Australian Commercial Travellers' and Warehousemen's Association Incorporated (now called the Sales and Business Development Association SA or SABDA), paid to the University £100 to establish a bursary in memory of Archibald Mackie, a former Secretary of the Association.

Today, the capital funds are invested in the University's Endowment Fund, the income of which supports the Archibald Mackie Prize valued at $300 and awarded annually to a commencing full-time student enrolled in the Bachelor of Economics degree with the highest total marks for the Level 1 core courses in the Bachelor of Economics.


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