Stardust and Golden

Stardust & Golden cover and author Doug McEachern

Author, Doug McEachern

Doug McEachern on his novel Stardust and Golden

Stardust and Golden takes readers to Adelaide during the turbulent years of the Vietnam War, when conscription was on everyone’s minds, and young people took to the streets in protest. McEachern explores the culture of resistance, and also the powerful music influences of the time - the likes of Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane, that later became Jefferson Starship. The story circles around a student commune, in which five students with very different interests are living.

“The Sixties liberated some and lost others, as Doug McEachern shows in a novel that revisits what happened when those changing times hit his hometown. Stardust and Golden offers a subtle retrospect on the hope and damage of those heady years, when politics turned lives around. Half a century later, conclusions are harder than ever to draw.”  - Nicholas Jose

Doug McEachern is known to many from his academic career: University of Adelaide - Professor of Politics and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Executive Director at the Australian Research Council 2001 - 2003 (Social Behavioural and Economic Sciences), University of Western Australia Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) 2003 – 2010. After a lifetime of academic writing, Doug undertook a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Adelaide, leading to this, his first novel.


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