Your Feedback

Below are just some of the ways in which the library is using your feedback to create a better library experience. 

Feedback helps us improve and we love all types of feedback. The library collects feedback in a number of ways including focus groups, observational studies, surveys and more. The library's largest and most formal feedback mechanism is the client survey that is run every two years.

In the 2017 InSync Client Survey (read the Executive Summary), some of the most important issues to students were a lack of study spaces in peak times, as well as a lack of (working) powerpoints, and there is good news on both issues. The library is also in the process of making improvements to Library Search and have made staff more visible and accessible with the introduction of Ask Library.

You asked; we delivered!

Picture of floating lightbulbs

More power points and recharging options

Your feedback indicated that the library did not have enough working power points. As a result, the library is working to make more power options available to you in all of the libraries, particularly the Barr Smith Library. 

  • All the non-working power points in the Barr Smith Library have been fixed, where possible (some couldn't be fixed, and non-working outlets have been removed).
  • Single power points have been replaced with double power points.
  • The bright new study areas on level 1 of the Barr Smith Library incorporate lots and lots of power points.
Photo of students studying

More quiet study spaces and more group work spaces

Additional study spaces have been created within the Barr Smith Library, and they are now easier to find with improved wayfinding and a library map. The redevelopment of level 1 of the Barr Smith Library includes two new group study rooms, as well as a new range of bright, modern study spaces. 

The Sir John Salmond Law Library has been re-zoned to better facilitate both quiet study and group study. The ground floor is now a group-work space in which students can work and collaborate together. For those wanting a quieter spot to study, the lower ground floor is now a quiet study area.

Get involved!

Got something on your mind? Let us know or get involved

The library has an ongoing user experience program designed to help us improve the library and better meet the needs of the University community. Our research is often small-scale and may include usability testing, responding to a survey or participating in a group feedback session. Most sessions are between 30 minutes to 1 hour in duration and are usually at the Barr Smith Library. Participants usually receive a special thank you (such as a gift voucher) for being part of the session. If you would like to participate in a future session please get in touch.